Flor de Maiz: Santa Barbara

During my time at UCSB, I got to explore the many restaurants the central coast has to offer. One of my all time favorites is Flor de Maiz. This was the place I would always take my parents, celebrate special occasions with my friends, or just go for a fun night out. Prices can be as high as $60, but most of the time, this was a special occasion experience.

Flor de Maiz offers an indoor/outdoor dining experience, just next to the pier. This is hustling area of Santa Barbara, but the chaos to find parking is always worth it. The make all their tortillas fresh, as the kitchen is a glass panel you can see right into the chefs cooking.

One of my favorite items on their menu (not pictured) is the Tostada de Mariscos. This seafood platter is so fresh and has all the right spices and flavors. This entre is $28, and worth every penny. I am now a seafood lover from this dish.

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