Malibu Farm Lido: Newport Beach

One of my favorite restaurants ever is Malibu Farm Lido, in Newport Beach. Growing up in Orange County, I have been exposed to a wide variety of amazing dining experiences, and this is always my go-to. Located in the Lido Marina Village just next to the waterfront, this farm to table restaurant consists of salads, sandwiches, and brunch options.

breakfast burrito

This restaurant’s location can’t be beat. This is an indoor/outdoor open concept where almost every table has a waterfront view. The tables outside are limited, but many picnic tables can seat many large parties. The price ranges from $14-$36, but the food and atmosphere are definitely worth it.

This is the spot where my family celebrates birthdays and special occasions. After brunch, it’s the perfect spot to walk around and enjoy Lido Marina Village. There are many shops, and photo-ops down in this area.

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