Perch: Los Angeles

While my boyfriend has lived in LA the past 2 years, I have gotten to explore all the restaurants and bars LA has to offer. I’ve got to try some amazing and diverse plates of food the past 2 years, but we ended his time in LA at a classic: Perch.

Perch is a rooftop dining experience, located at the 15th floor of a high-rise in downtown Los Angeles. It is French cuisine, and prices range from $13-$46. The tricky thing about this place is that reservations fill up quickly, and you cannot do a walk-in. The restaurant opens up at 4PM for dinner service, and as we arrived at 3:50 in the lobby, there was already a line out the door.

Berry LA Cocktail

The restaurant is an indoor/outdoor dining experience, but with our party being one of the first to arrive at 3:50, we were able to be seated right against the railing, for a more spectacular view. This is a boujee dining experience; it’s pricey, high end with a dress code, and very formal service. We celebrated a graduation here, and it was the perfect spot to end Zach’s time at USC living in Los Angeles.

I would recommend Perch to anyone who visits LA and wants a really high-end dining experience. I hope I’m back soon for another celebration.

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