About Me

Background and Experience

Hi, I'm Jill

As a California native, I have been inspired by the lifestyle and beautiful outdoors this area offers. My hobbies include dining experiences, yoga, animals, concerts, and finding the best new coffee shops. I am always keeping up with whats new and exciting all over SoCal, and ready for the next adventure.

In my undergradate experience at UCSB, I have had the opportunity to explore many different areas of education, and begin to find what I am passionate about. During my time in Santa Barbara, I combined my love of fine dining and writing, and began to write for our school newspaper, the Daily Nexus. My time with the Nexus taught me valuable skills such as photography, interviewing, writing, and design. I wanted to combine my creative side with business, and soon interned with Joyan Design, an event planning company based in Santa Barbara. During my time with Joyan Design, I got to learn the in's and out's of event planning, and how to create wedding productions in one year. I sat in on meetings with clients, talked back and forth with vendors, and soon was moved to be an operations assistant, where I manage new client profiles, and help the behind the scenes of the wedding planning. However, I felt my minor of Multimedia Writing really inspired me to find the areas I am really passionate about; branding, writing and multimedia communication. With coursework in typography, design, color selection and writing skills, I really felt called to the brand marketing field, and how it combines creativity with business.